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The Foscarini Birdie Pendant Light is built with premium painted steel and long-lasting plastic. The Birdie Pendant Lamp was designed for Foscarini by Roberto Palomba and Ludovica in the year 2011. It possesses a colorful form, playful silhouette, and the ability to change contemporary spaces with its energetic presence.. De Foscarini Birdie lamp is geïntroduceerd in 2011 en daarmee relatief jong. Toch weten designliefhebbers deze fraaie lamp steeds meer te vinden. Dankzij de universele toepasbaarheid en de diverse uitvoeringen (de Birdie is er als tafel-, vloer-, hang-, plafond-, en wandlamp) past de Birdie in nagenoeg ieder interieur.

Birdie Ceiling Light by Foscarini 2210086 25 UL

The designer couple Ludovica and Roberto Palomba designed the Birdie lamp for the Foscarini brand in 2011. The Birdie table lamp is a design object with a high recognition value, despite the relatively simple design.. The Birdie collection is inspired by nature and inspires the imagination: the slim metal light rod imitates the trunk of a tree, from which protrudes a small "branch" – kind of a.

Foscarini birdie. FOSCARINI BIRDIE LED TABLE SMALL TOUCH DIMMER GRAPHITE. Pricelist. 516.06 € 515.54 € You save 0 %. The delicate modern form of the Foscarini Birdie Wall Sconce was inspired by the natural beauty of a bare branch. It is made out of White lacquered steel and topped with a flared polycarbonate shade. The shade comes in bright White, Grey, Orange or Red. Part of the Birdie collection designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. Die Foscarini Birdie Kollektion bei AmbienteDirect. Birdie Leuchten auf Lager und versandkostenfrei. Jetzt online kaufen!

Foscarini Leuchte/ Lampe Birdie Leuchte im Online Shop Leuchtenland.com für Leuchten & Lampen sicher online kaufen. 5 Sterne Online Shop für Foscarini Design Lampen mit Trusted Shop Siegel. "Licht definiert Räume, lässt Farben schimmern, gibt Gegenständen einen Körper und Gefühlsregungen eine Form. Foscarini Birdie Parete . Foscarini Caboche Sospensione media . Foscarini. A light by Foscarini embodies passionate design, the use of high quality materials and the generation of effective and ergonomic light. The most popular product family is the Caboche range, which is available in a wide range of different types of lighting and has been. Foscarini Birdie. De Foscarini Birdie serie is een unieke collectie lampen ontworpen door het Italiaanse echtpaar Roberto en Ludovica Palomba.Het begon met het idee een nieuwe twist te geven aan de traditionele vloerlamp. Ze besloten de vrij rechte lijnen te vervangen door meer natuurlijke vormen.

The designer couple Ludovica and Roberto Palomba designed the Birdie lamp for the Foscarini brand in 2011. The Birdie table lamp is a highly recognizable designer object, despite the relatively simple design.. The Birdie collection inspired by nature captures our imagination: the slim metallic stem imitates the trunk of a tree, from which protrudes a small "branch" – a kind of a landing place. The Foscarini Birdie LED Grande Tavolo is a table lamp with a total height of 70 cm. An LED is integrated as a light source, which can be regulated via a touch dimmer on the branched arm of the light rod. With the touch dimmer, the lamp can be switched on and off as well as gradually dimmed. FOSCARINI BIRDIE PICCOLA TAVOLO DIMMER è la reinterpretazione, nel disegno e nel colore, della classica lampada da lettura.

The Foscarini Birdie is unique, stylish design lighting that creates the ideal ambiance in your home. Free delivery for orders starting at €100. Buy online now! 807354389340702 Home > Foscarini > Birdie. Foscarini Birdie. Foscarini. Inspired by the surprising world of nature, the Foscarini Birdie Chandelier resembles a modern tree canopy, each polycarbonate shade a colorful bird perched as on a limb. The look is poetic and elegant in all of its juicy color options. Available in several sizes. Foscarini Birdie Reading lámpara of Floor Lamp E27 20w dimmable orange. Collection Birdie of Foscarini collaboration Ludovica y Roberto Palomba Birdie, of Foscarini, designed by Ludovica y Roberto Palomba is a thin and stylized lamp, as the trunk of a tree.A display simil.

De Foscarini Birdie Lettura Terra DIM is een andere en vriendelijke vloerlamp. De staande lamp is een herinterpretatie van de klassieke lampenkap staande lamp, maar met een eigentijdse twist. Het is discreet en elegant in de witte versie, maar een pop, frisse prima donna in de andere gekleurde versies. FOSCARINI BIRDIE GRANDE TAVOLO. Foscarini Birdie Grande Tavolo è la reinterpretazione, nel disegno e nel colore, della classica lampada da lettura Uno stelo come il fusto di un albero e un sistema di accensione ricorda un ramoscello in grado di sorreggere solo un “birdie”, uccellino in inglese. Birdie Table Lamp by Foscarini The Birdie table lamp was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba and is the modern interpretation of a classic design. The iconic silhouette of the shade is updated by the sleek stem and base, finished in luxurious and vibrant colours. The playful branch that comes off the stem resembles where a bird would sit.

Scopri la collezione di lampade Foscarini: lampade di design, illuminazione di design contemporaneo, luci a sospensione, a parete, da terra e da tavolo. Illumina i tuoi ambienti con le luci Foscarini.. Birdie is a lighting system with a variable quantity of small diffusers. It is a reinterpretation of the classic lampshade-lamp with a. Are you looking for wall lamp ideas and you still don't know Birdie? It interprets the shape of the classic lampshade-lamp with a designer twist: friendly, highly versatile presence and several diffuser colours. Go ahead and find out how to mix it with your style! Enter now in Foscarini official store. Foscarini Birdie 6 Lámpara Colgante E27 6x70w cable 5 metros blanco. Colección Birdie de Foscarini diseñada por Ludovica y Roberto Palomba Birdie, de Foscarini, diseñada por Ludovica y Roberto Palomba es una lámpara fina y estilizada, como e. Ref: 2210076SP5-10. Comprar.

Foscarini. Birdie suspension round canopy. Ambient images. Concept. The slim stem recalls the trunk of a tree, its shade is a reinterpretation of the classic reading lamp, while the branch, as if ready for a “birdie” to alight, beckons your touch, turning it on or off. These three elements spontaneously coalesce to give life to a friendly. Foscarini Birdie – lampada a sospensione di design in policarbonato L'elemento che spunta sopra il paralume conico sembra un rametto e fa capire subito a cosa si sono ispirati i due designer milanesi Ludovica + Roberto Palomba per ideare la lampada a sospensione Birdie. Ideata nel 2011 per il marchio italiano Foscarini, la serie Birdie reinterpreta in chiave contemporanea la classica lampada. Foscarini Birdie Tavolo Grande LED . 3 weeks. € 498,80. Foscarini Birdie Zero table lamp . 4 d. € 151,96. Foscarini Birdie Tavolo Piccola LED . 3 weeks. € 400,20. Foscarini Birdie 9 Sospensione . 3 weeks. € 2.603,04. Foscarini Birdie Soffitto.


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